Barbara Plichtova – Assemblages

I was born in 1947 in Brno, Czechoslovakia but grew up in Bratislava, Slovakia. I graduated from Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno in 1969.

The most significant political event of my life with profound and significant impact on my private and professional life as artist occurred on August 21, 1968 when the Russian army invaded Czechoslovakia. The following years were years of repression and intellectual suffocation known as Normalisation by the communist regime.It lasted until the collapse of the communist system in 1989. In 1972 my son was born and in 1977 my passport was confiscated.

In 1988 I defected from Czechoslovakia with the help of my friends and was reunited with my son in Hamburg, Germany in the same year. In 1990 we emigrated to Canada.

My son is now married and lives with his family in the United States.


My professional acting career is as follows:

- P. Bezruc Theater in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia (1969 – 1974)

- SNP Theater, Martin in Slovakia (1974 – 1979)

- Hanacke Theater in Brno, Czechoslavakia (1980 – 1985)

- Freelance, Prague (1985 – 1988)

Solo performances:

- Usherettes / written by A. Goldflam /

- Cervena knihovna / written by A. Goldflam /

- Ordinary Person / writen by myself /


- 1995 Received a Canadian Council Grant “Exploration Program” for photomontages of images which originated in the back alleys of downtown Vancouver, and was presented as "Stand Off".

- 1996 Exhibited in a group show at Ann Rosenberg’s Gallery in Vancouver.

- 1996 Solo Exhibition in Franz Kafka Gallery in Prague Czech Republic called “Sar Dziven,, Romale ?“, (How are you doing, Roma?)

- 1997 Solo show at TheWhite Unicorn in Prague, Czech Republic


Collection of 3D originals to be viewed as entries of my personal diary from 2003 – 2013.

From the assemblage of a diversity of materials, both from natural and industrial, to the junk, garbage and polutants of our times my art tries to The transformation of these materials gives me a chance to reconnect and put into new relationships and expressions. I feel a great satisfaction working with these seemingly useless, odd and even incongruous materials. It gives me a chance to recreate already the lost meaning of these materials and extend a visual avenue for fresh messages with a room for personal interpretation and recollection. It’s a transformation from dehumanised ugliness to emotional and esthetic appeal. From an emptiness of lost meaning to the fulness of often surprising synthesis. Otherwise we are disconnecting ourselves from each other as we are leaving behind more and more disfunctional parts which once were cherished components of our lives, homes, family, ancestors and which were passed on from one generation to another.

The technique of montage and de- montage is an important part of my effort to develop a distinct style with an accent on poetic and symbolic elements which are created with a new memory and energy. Masks in my works are used either as an alter-egos or as a theatrical medium, communicating aspects of different archetypes of our existentional experience. The materials that I use can be anything from textiles, fabrics, parts of dresses, buttons, ropes, threads, lace, leather, embroidery, newspaper, wallpaper, family correspondence, letters, glass, photos, mirrors, clay, terracotta, tiles, pieces of pottery, porcelain, pots, plates, cutlery, bricks, paper, pins, laundry clipes, plaster, matches, charcoal, etc.

Rusty metals, copper, brass, silver, nails, wire, wirecloth, barbed wire, coins, bullet cassings,,fire crackers parts of chains, bolts, nuts, parts of industrial waste, parts of old cars, furniture, accessories, springs, metal screens, etc.

Rubbish and trash, including bones, hair, rocks, pebbles, roots, teeth, fur, feathers, straw, kelp, shells, wood, sand, soil, clay, abalone, bark etc. have been used as well as toys, effigies, ritual objects, dolls, shoes, souvenirs, knick-knacks, oddities, carvings,models of hands & body parts, protective charms, pits,nuts, herbs, fruits, etc. There are works incorpoating decorative and ornamental beads, jewellery, ,gems, semi precious stones both .new and old, inexpensive and precious, personal and anonymous, beautiful and plain. I use acrylic paints, inks, chalk, shimmers, flickers, confettes, sparkles, etc.

Beauty matters because beauty is joy and joy is the reason to attempt through my art work to re-connect fractured, forgotten and lost images of our past. I hope that the viewer of my work will experience the joy that I feel in the creative process.

Original works presented in "Collection" are meant for display, lease, sale, cultural and social projects etc...